High Intensity on the Road

When it’s that time of year for traveling, vacations and such… how do we fit in a workout? You may want to take a break but remember how tough starting all over is and just ONE week off can make you feel that way. Ugh! Here’s a traveling workout that can be done anywhere! All you […] Continue Reading »

Expert Tips for Building UPPER GLUTES!

They are not given, you must work for them! But heck, doesn’t it make you appreciate it more?! An apple bottom is a wanted commodity these days and some are even going under the knife! I’m an advocate of working hard for that bottom. Here’s my Top Tips for getting the UPPER GLUTES you want! 1.) Squat with enough depth!  Only going half way […] Continue Reading »

Losing Body Fat with minimal cardio

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent years obsessing over cardio training; thinking it was the ONLY way to get and stay lean.  Since giving birth to my Son, I have committed to more weight training, minimal cardio, and emphasizing diet as the catalyst for maximizing body fat loss and lean muscle gains .  I think my, and countless […] Continue Reading »

Pregnancy can actually heal your metabolism! 12 weeks Post – Partum

I am excited to share my progress as I’m now 12 weeks Post-Partum.  But first, allow me to open with some breaking news, pregnancy has actually helped/healed my metabolism! That’s right, slowly increasing calories over the last 9 months, progressively, and slowly cutting down cardio, has allowed my metabolism to recover from my low calorie […] Continue Reading »

My Post-Partum Workouts

As many of you know I just had baby Tyton about 7 weeks ago. As I reflect on these past few weeks, I frankly barely remember much. I’ve been focusing on baby and struggling to always get a bit more sleep! (You Mothers out there know what I mean) It’s hard to remember you’re still […] Continue Reading »

Amy Jo’s Pregnancy Workout Update 2/20/2014

I’m now 33 1/2 weeks, getting super close! Still working out about 4-5 days per week. Mainly focusing on weightlifting to maintain muscle mass that will soon help me lose lots of Body Fat post Baby!  One HUGE tip for expecting Mother’s; focus on retaining/maintaining as much muscle as you can during pregnancy.  Obviously, safety and Baby […] Continue Reading »

Training Legs while being Pregnant

I’m just over 5 months along with my second child and I am excited to share with you some of my workouts and tips to training while pregnant.  Today I wanted to focus on leg training, a girl’s best friend.  (Sometimes our worst enemy)  🙂 During the first trimester, little needs to change with your workouts.  Be sure […] Continue Reading »

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

I’m Pregnant, Now What? I am truly blessed to announce I am pregnant with my second Child.  Being my second go around, I really wanted to take this opportunity to share some fitness and nutrition tips with other expecting Moms.  Smart, clean eating and exercise, can actually make your pregnancy, and specifically the birthing process, […] Continue Reading »