Expert Tips for Building UPPER GLUTES!

They are not given, you must work for them! But heck, doesn’t it make you appreciate it more?! An apple bottom is a wanted commodity these days and some are even going under the knife! I’m an advocate of working hard for that bottom. Here’s my Top Tips for getting the UPPER GLUTES you want! 1.) Squat with enough depth!  Only going half way […] Continue Reading »

Losing Body Fat with minimal cardio

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent years obsessing over cardio training; thinking it was the ONLY way to get and stay lean.  Since giving birth to my Son, I have committed to more weight training, minimal cardio, and emphasizing diet as the catalyst for maximizing body fat loss and lean muscle gains .  I think my, and countless […] Continue Reading »

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

I’m Pregnant, Now What? I am truly blessed to announce I am pregnant with my second Child.  Being my second go around, I really wanted to take this opportunity to share some fitness and nutrition tips with other expecting Moms.  Smart, clean eating and exercise, can actually make your pregnancy, and specifically the birthing process, […] Continue Reading »

What are you putting in your body, WATCH OUT!!

As of late I have been doing a lot of research into the potentially harmful chemicals and additives that not only show up in our foods, but in our environment. Sure, now-a-days it’s impossible to be 100% clear of these items in your diet but what about cooking methods, utensils, and the basic environment we […] Continue Reading »

Supermom Breakfast Tips

SUPERMOM BREAKFAST TIPS The average family morning routine is something most parents would probably explain as chaotic at best. A big part of that routine is getting breakfast ready, further compounded by actually getting kids to ‘eat’ it. The crucial thing is getting essential nutrients and energy for your kids to begin their day. While […] Continue Reading »

Top Foods To Avoid

My Top Food Ingredients to stay away from! Most of us have our guilty pleasures and things we don’t necessarily want to change. Especially if you’ve had these habits for awhile, it’s much more difficult for anyone to persuade you otherwise. With that being said, I thought I would make a list of items that […] Continue Reading »