High Intensity on the Road

When it’s that time of year for traveling, vacations and such… how do we fit in a workout? You may want to take a break but remember how tough starting all over is and just ONE week off can make you feel that way. Ugh! Here’s a traveling workout that can be done anywhere! All you […] Continue Reading »

Pregnancy can actually heal your metabolism! 12 weeks Post – Partum

I am excited to share my progress as I’m now 12 weeks Post-Partum.  But first, allow me to open with some breaking news, pregnancy has actually helped/healed my metabolism! That’s right, slowly increasing calories over the last 9 months, progressively, and slowly cutting down cardio, has allowed my metabolism to recover from my low calorie […] Continue Reading »

My Post-Partum Workouts

As many of you know I just had baby Tyton about 7 weeks ago. As I reflect on these past few weeks, I frankly barely remember much. I’ve been focusing on baby and struggling to always get a bit more sleep! (You Mothers out there know what I mean) It’s hard to remember you’re still […] Continue Reading »

Amy Jo’s Pregnancy Workout Update 2/20/2014

I’m now 33 1/2 weeks, getting super close! Still working out about 4-5 days per week. Mainly focusing on weightlifting to maintain muscle mass that will soon help me lose lots of Body Fat post Baby!  One HUGE tip for expecting Mother’s; focus on retaining/maintaining as much muscle as you can during pregnancy.  Obviously, safety and Baby […] Continue Reading »

Maybe it’s time for a Day off!

We all want fast, effecient results! We strive to take our fitness to the next level. When our motivation is at an all time high we often don’t even entertain the notion of taking a day off at the gym. Well is it too much of a good thing or is training day in & […] Continue Reading »

NUTRISHOP Protein Waffles

Here are the NUTRISHOP Protein Waffle batter ingredients: 1 Tbs. Flaxseed Meal or replace with 1/2 banana for 2nd option 3 egg whites or use Muscle Eggs plain or flavored 1 Tbs. Almond Milk 1 Scoop EvoChem HydroPro Vanilla or Chocolate 1 tsp. Cinnamon   Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Make sure to fully […] Continue Reading »

My Cardio Breakthrough!

My Cardio Breakthrough! I don’t know about you, but some days I just don’t want to be stuck on a piece of cardio equipment staring at the time as it ticks by! I itch for something else; something that will help me gain that edge and push through a plateau. And of course, skipping my […] Continue Reading »

No Daycare? No Problem!

No Daycare? No Problem! How many of you out there miss workouts from time to time because you can’t find daycare or someone to watch your children? Well if you find yourself in this boat, I have good news for you. Your kids need workouts, just like you need yours. Get creative with your toddler […] Continue Reading »

Maximize your Productivity in the Gym!

Maximize your Productivity in the Gym! How many of you drag yourself into the gym day after day, week after week, carrying out the same routine, same exercise? You get frustrated because you don’t see your Body transforming the way it did when you first fell in love with working out. Well look no further, […] Continue Reading »