No Daycare? No Problem!

No Daycare? No Problem! How many of you out there miss workouts from time to time because you can’t find daycare or someone to watch your children? Well if you find yourself in this boat, I have good news for you. Your kids need workouts, just like you need yours. Get creative with your toddler […] Continue Reading »

Exercising with Joint Problems

Exercising with Joint Problems -Dive right in. Exercising in water is low- to no-impact, taking weight off painful joints and encouraging a larger range of motion than you might attain on land. Water exercise provides natural resistance. Warm pool water also soothes aching joints. -If you have shoulder problems, you might want to avoid the […] Continue Reading »

Just HIIT it, Baby!!

This is not breaking news to anyone, but High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is becoming very popular and has been proven effective. But I’m curious to know how many individuals out there are actually incorporating true HIIT sessions regularly in their workout routines? Several articles, magazines, and research studies are beginning to beat the drum […] Continue Reading »