High Intensity on the Road

When it’s that time of year for traveling, vacations and such… how do we fit in a workout? You may want to take a break but remember how tough starting all over is and just ONE week off can make you feel that way. Ugh! Here’s a traveling workout that can be done anywhere! All you need is a jump rope and a stop watch.  Check it out!


High knee Jump ropes fast as you can x 45 seconds
Wide Stance Bunny Hops x 45 seconds
Dips on a bench x 45 seconds

Full sit ups x 45 seconds
Bicycle crunches x 45 seconds
Walking lunges x 45 seconds

Narrow stance Jump Squats x 45 seconds
Narrow hands push ups (toes on a bench)
X 45 seconds
Single-leg pistol Squats (over a bench/couch, squat down & butt barely taps bench then squat back up) x 20 seconds each leg

Hope this helps you to stay on track with your fitness when traveling!

Thanks for being apart of my journey and letting me be a part of yours!

-Amy Jo


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