Maximize your Productivity in the Gym!

Maximize your Productivity in the Gym!

How many of you drag yourself into the gym day after day, week after week, carrying out the same routine, same exercise? You get frustrated because you don’t see your Body transforming the way it did when you first fell in love with working out. Well look no further, you have come to the right place. I am prepared to offer up several tips that will keep those results coming and break you out of that rut! So step up and take your workouts to new heights with these simple tips.

1. Alter your standard workout routines
When you first start a new workout program, you will find that you have no problems with motivation, as the exercises are relatively new to you. However, as you cycle through the same old exercises on a regular basis, you will find that your body adapts and the same stimulus that once exhausted you, no longer provides the same effects. Even a subtle alteration to the way in which you complete your training routine will help. You will be more motivated; and concentration and performance will improve with the new challenges.

So, what do you do? I recommend doing some research on your own looking into various exercises and techniques that interest you. What kinds of activities look like a new challenge that you could get excited about. The key being mix it up. Never do the same thing for longer than 3 or 4 weeks. Don’t underestimate your Body’s ability to adapt. We have all seen that faithful gym patron who religiously comes, day in and day out, for ten years straight and does the exact same thing. Well, guess what, they often look and feel the exact same way! Change it up; you will be glad you did.

2. Put Away Your Cell Phone!
Finding the motivation to push yourself to the limit each and every time that you step into the gym can be an often daunting task. How many of you find yourselves caught up texting and tweeting between sets and exercises in the gym? What may seem like a minute break to catch your breath can quickly turn into a 5 minute conversation that will take your focus off your workout. Your Heart Rate will drop and you will unknowingly lose the intensity you’re after; be cognoscente! I challenge you to stay fully engaged in your workout, keep the phone on silent and hammer it out. It’s a short period of time for you to accomplish the mission at hand. This is your time for you, no one else! It’s not about how great of a multi-tasker you can be, it’s about focusing your mind and body to produce the best results. Make your workout a priority; your body will thank you!

3. Pump up the volume
Several case studies conducted on gym goers over the years have shown that when individuals listen to music while working out that their workout capacity and intensity could be increased. Simply by adding an iPod or other MP3 player into the sessions where you are working out alone will not only help you to push your body further but will also prevent you from being distracted easily by other gym users. So, next time you’re in the gym, crank up the tunes and crank up your intensity!

4. Train with a partner
There will be times where you feel that you simply cannot push your body any further than you have been. From personal experience, and that of others that I have spoken to, training with a partner can offer you that additional boost that you need.
Training alone can sometimes leave you feeling limited in relation to the weights that you are able to work with due to the fear of getting into a situation where you cannot handle a certain weight or intensity on your own. Training with another person can give you the confidence, and support you need, to take your workouts to new heights. Just make sure your partner is more focused on maximizing their workout and less on chit chat.

5. Keep your competitors close and challenge them
The nature of competition serves as an excellent way to be able to push yourself through the barriers of motivation and pain. Sometimes the opportunity to be able to put one over on someone you respect will ensure that you are maximizing your physical and mental capacity. The desire to compete has made this country great. Make sure you keep things in perspective but don’t underestimate the power of self improvement through competition. The key to using this tip is to always make sure that your challenge is something measurable. Set goals and establish the finish line. Use this tactic to build others as well as yourself.

6. Avoid the journey home before the gym
Getting into the workout mindset can be difficult as the stresses of the day mount. When you are contemplating going to the gym after a hard day’s work or just relaxing at home try this little trick. Pack your gym bag the night before; keep it in the trunk of your car. If you can avoid going home first before the gym you are less likely to skip out on your workout. Once you get home, the temptation to shut it down and relax can often be too much. Many gym users will admit that once they get through their front door they often reconsider going to work out.

7. Learn new strategies – Hire a Coach or a personal trainer every so often
All of us will find ourselves, from time to time, feeling a little lost as to what direction we should head next. This can be a frustrating time as we have learned a lot and we are at a crossroads. Should I try this training technique to boost intensity, or how about this new diet I keep hearing about? My recommendation, go to an expert. Hire a coach or Personal Trainer to help guide you and navigate the crossroads. People often waste so much time and money trying to figure out what to do next that if they just invested first in a specialist they could save themselves valuable time and money! If you want to explore and learn on your own, that’s fantastic, enjoy your journey; but if you want to learn from someone else’s valuable experience, it could be an invaluable option. One caveat, do your homework! Look for a referral from someone you trust. Not all dieticians and fitness professionals are created equal. Look at their qualifications and interview them; make sure it is a good fit for both parties. This investment can literally transform your body and life.

8. Invest in the proper nutritional supplements!

You spend too much time, effort and energy into achieving your fitness goals to not be able to maximize your end result. For example, whether you are looking to decrease body fat or build muscle, proper nutritional supplements can help ensure that you are burning that body fat and/or building that lean muscle faster. Whatever your fitness goal is, the right supplements can make a night and day difference!


· Pro7ein Synthesis by Vitasport

· BCAA Sport by ForzaOne

· Glutacor by Katalyst Nutraceuticals

· Nature’s Daily Essentials by NU-TEK Nutrition

· Thermovex by EVOchem Nutrition.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and letting me be a part of yours.

-Amy Jo

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