Transformation Nutrition & Fitness by Amy Jo

– My Philosophy:

I have always been passionate about the health and fitness industry. It is my position that possessing a healthy understanding of exercise and proper nutrition is more than merely losing weight. I believe these components are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle; and when properly administered, can create the habits that will improve your quality of life.

I began my career as a student, studying Exercise Science and Nutrition, and for the last 8 years working with numerous clients from all walks of life, my aspiration to help people has intensified. I have developed a deeper understanding and increased desire to enable others to achieve their goals. Making proactive changes to my client’s quality of life has become a life mission that has compelled me to seek a more comprehensive understanding of exercise and nutrition.

With experience working with Mothers, Fitness Competitors and Special needs populations, I am qualified to customize programs tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether it is an old nagging knee injury or a chronic health issue, be assured that with proper guidance, it can be overcome. My ability to encourage, coach, and motivate is derived from the commitment I make to my clients to see them reach their goals. So make a decision to join me today; and begin to see the transformation!

Amy Jo Palmquest - Speed LadderPersonal Training Packages:

    • 6 Sessions 30 minutes/ $250
    • 6 Sessions 60 minutes/ $375
    • Online Specific Workouts and Cardio Programs: 4 week Program/ $175

Personal Training



      • 4 weekly appointments / $200
        *Must be used in 4 weeks – Measurements & Body Fat Check at each Appt.
      •  Online Nutrition Program – 4 weeks  / $175
        *Phone Calls or Emails Weekly assessing progress
      • Phone Consultation: $50/ Hour – ASK AWAY!
        (Answer your questions and Mentor, Motivate and Coach you into reaching your specific goals thru your Nutrition habits and Workout Regimen)


Contact me HERE to with questions or to schedule training.

Personal Training