Women you’re not alone in your fears!

Blog picWomen you’re not alone in your fears!
Do you know that several Mom’s I have spoken with lately know they should exercise, but actually have a fear of being judged by other mothers for spending too much time on themselves?
Are your fears of what others might say, or think, enough to keep you from trying new things to improve your health and fitness?
Are you fearful of failing?  Whether you’re  good enough, fit enough?
Here’s a few of my tips:
– Find a training center/studio that offers a more private, personal environment than a large commercial gym.  Sometimes this approach can more quickly build your confidence, offering a more customized approach to reaching your goals.
– Participate in a STRONG CAMP in a location near you with other like minded women!  Camps or events such as these foster a sense of community where you have access to industry experts and people just like you.
– Remember your attitude determines your outcome.  Stay positive, believe in yourself.  Everyone has value, you have what it takes.
-Surround yourself with encouraging mentors and friends that are committed to your success.
-Lastly, don’t compare where you are at now with other people’s situation or circumstance.  Comparison has destroyed many a people’s dreams before they ever got started.  Be motivated, be encouraged by others’ results, but always remember this is your journey.
So, my take away thought for you today, don’t ever let any fear hold you back!  Don’t sell yourself short; know that improving your quality of life, will bring out the best in you.
I told those mother’s I alluded to above that not making time for yourself can actually be selfish.  Trust me, I know you are pulled in a million directions, but we all need time to recharge & be challenged.  We must make our happiness and personal growth a priority.
So believe in yourself, stare fear in the face, and choose YOU!  Your loved ones will thank you.
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